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All available relevant medical reports should be scanned and sent to us by email to help proper diagnosis.

During the email consultation we will evaluate your health condition based on:

1. Ayurveda (pure Ayurvedic assessment only)

2. Traditional Chinese acupuncture (TCM assessment only)

3. Vedic Medical Astrology (medical related assessment only)

* You can separately as for an Astrology consultation if you wish to. That is not a part of the medical consultation. Please avoid asking other questions related to astrology. Thank you.

If necessary we will also use (optional - at the discretion of physician)

1. Vedic architectural science (vaastu)

2. Vedic palmistry

3. You can request for a second opinion on the western medical diagnosis and options for an extra price of $20 USD.

Once we come to a diagnosis, we will discuss it with you in detail and answer all your questions. We will also answer all your questions related to the medicines you are taking at present in allopathy (modern medicine).

You will receive:

a) prescription for the medicines with instructions.
b) diet and life style suggestions that will help with your imbalance
c) recommendations for yoga postures and yoga techniques that help with your imbalance.
d) follow up and email support for a month. (Please be patient in case of a delay as we get more than 100 emails everyday)

How to buy the medicines?


1. You buy your own medicines.(When you buy your own medicines, Purnarogya is not responsible for the quality or delivery of medicines)

2. You ask purnarogya to send you the medicines.  (Please see the procedure below.)

Procedure for buying medicines from Purnarogya:

  1. You shall be sent an invoice of the medicines.The cost for transportation is approximately $120 USD. The cost of medicines will average about $100 - 160 USD depending on your prescription.
  2. You shall remit the amount through bank transfer or through paypal (5% additional paypal charges to be paid by client)
  3. After the money is received, the medicines will be couriered in one or two weeks after official formalities. At times it can get delayed due to customs formalites. We request you to bear with us. Thank you.
  4. The tracking number will be sent to you by email to track your package after the customs clearance.
  5. The medicines are usually sent for a period of 1, 2 or 3 months as per the decision of the physician. 

Regular follow up: (this is a special feature of our e consultations)

You are expected to send us an email report describing your progress once every week, after starting your treatment, to ensure proper evaluation. The format for the report is included at the end of your questionnaire. There is no separate fee for this for the first one month. You can also email us your questions.

IMPORTANT: Please avoid sending questions on facebook chat box or on skype chat box.

We are extremely committed to giving the best results to our clients. The follow up form is part of the commitment we expect from you to be able to help you in the best possible way. If the follow up form is not submitted for more than 2 weeks continuously, the follow up services will be cancelled automatically and a separate consultation has to be booked to restart the service. Thanks.

You can send us an email at anytime during your follow up period, if you have any queries and we will answer them as soon as possible. (usually within 24-48 hours). Your consultation charges includes all emails and interactions for one month after receiving the medicines if you have ordered them within 2 weeks after the skype consultation. 

Next consultation:

A paid follow up consultation is advisable once a month to evaluate your progress if your treatment is going on. Your consultation charges includes all interactions for one month after you receive your medicines. Thank you