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  • A loving and caring doctor

    I had the chance to meet Dr Sanjay in Copenhagen in October 2016. This first appointment really changed my life. First of all, not only I found a very competent ayuverdic doctor but also a trusted friend that put the right questions and who was really listening to me. He took in consideration my history, the stress I have gone through both phisically and psychologically from my past.
    He definitely helped me to see myself from another point of view and in a new dimension, and in this way I feel more aware about my body and myself today than ever. I am today 41 years old and thanks to Dr Sanjay's kind treatment, oils and herbs, but also his warm words, I feel today younger, healthier, more feminine and happier than ever with my body. He has an open heart and mind and will always try to help you whatever your situation or disease is. He will even make your medicine especially for you. And when you get his own homemade oils home, I feel surrounded by his care and love. I am so thanksfull that I met him, that he is so present for me and for each patient. I am impressed and amazed by his ability to treat people from close and far away and making each of his patient feel so special. Thanks Dr Sanjay for everything you do and are !

    Oana Sgambato, Copenhagen

    ~ admin
  • Incurable indigestion

    I had suffered from incurable indigestion over 25 years when I first time met Dr Sanjay Pisharodi. I had tried all the cures which had been offered to me in all the major hospitals in Denmark and visited several Ayur Vedic doctors in India as well. Unfortunately without ant improvement of my health. I simply could not digest any food for 25 years and during all those years I could not pass any stool ( no matter how strange it sounds-but NO stool would come out no matter WHAT I ate and no matter HOW MUCH I ate...,..NOTHING would come out. After trying at least 100 different doctors and cures during all these years I had given up the idea of ever being able to pass stool, and I had accepted that I simply had to live by eating "only" soups, salads and drinks. However when I met Dr Sanjay Pisharodi in 2009 I decided to give it a last try when he offered to cure my indigestion. I am forever grateful to him for the invaluable advices he gave me, since I was cured by following the yoga exercises and the diet which he gave me. Therefore I can only recommend that you make an appointment with this amazing doctor who has skills which are extremely rare to find in the world today and his prices are very affordable since he is a genuine doctor in the sense that he cares more about his patients well being than his own.

    Kind regards, Connie Jensen (aka Kesava Priya dd),  Denmark

    ~ admin
  • Without Penicillin for the first time in 10 years!

    My fever is finally gone, and I am  only left with a bit of coughing and still some mucus, but nothing I  can't beat in a few more days - I believe it is a small miracle that I came through without penicillin, I haven't done that in 10 years. In the beginning I made a lot of tea with herbs from my garden, but after your advice I have been drinking tea made from the herbs you told me to and eating the fresh herbs you recommended, and still do.  I have been to town on three occasions now without taking antihistamine. So this is a small miracle in my life today. Thank you.

    Eline Brunn, Copenhagen

    ~ admin
  • Ayurvedic Seminars

    "I really appreciated attending Dr Sanjay's courses on Ayurveda, as he teaches from the hart and truly understands how to convert ancient wisdom into contemporary teaching, making it very easy to understand and integrate the essential knowledge.
    I was captivated by the the trutfulness and wisdom of Ayurveda, and after the courses i realized how much valuable knowledge I actually gained, knowledge that I use every day for myself and people around me, knowledge that provided me with tools to change my everyday life into a life with a more balanced and holistic life style."

     Lisa Scharmann, Copenhagen

    ~ admin
  • Adenomyosis and endometriosis


    My doctors in Denmark told me that my condition would only worsen in time, and that the only treatment would be artificial hormones. I was devastated, since I suffered from severe pains and debilitating chronic fatigue every single day.  When I went to see Dr. Sanjay, he gave me an ayurvedic diagnose, a 3 stage treatment plan and not least HOPE all within one single consultation. He was so helpful throughout the treatment, helping me getting the medicines he had prescribed for me and answering all my questions with confidence and compassion.  Within only 40 days the symptoms I had been suffering from for years was practically gone and an ultrasound scan showed that the growth in my uterus had decreased by almost 50%!  This is a healing story that would not be considered possible in western medicine, since endometriosis here is seen as a disease that cannot be cured with symptoms that cannot be treated without artificial hormones  or invasive surgery. To me this shows how much more powerful ayurvedic medicines is, but also that Dr. Sanjay indeed is a very skilled and professional doctor.

    This is life changing for me. Not only healing from this painful disease, but I have gained so much more from this experience.
    I want to thank you so much, Dr. Sanjay. You litterally gave me my life back!
    I would definately reccomend you to everyone!




    ~ admin